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We focus on streamlining the process of the project, controlling costs, minimizing risk, and emphasizing quality and service.

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We recognize that communication is the cornerstone building relationships, so we listen and become partners in our clients building success. We encourage an open and honest environment that capitalizes on the strengths of our entire team. Therefore, JEBCO believes in an open, participatory management approach to construction that will emphasize the needs and requirements of our clients. This approach includes active participation of our clients in setting goals, establishing needs, and arriving at a solution specifically tailored to meet your schedule and budgets.

It goes without saying that schedule and cost are of prime importance in planning, designing, and constructing projects. It is continually present from the beginning of concept design and budget through to successful building occupation. Planning for and maintaining financial control of your construction projects is essential, especially in times of economic constraint. JEBCO’s concern for meeting a project's budgetary requirements is reflected in the schedule, cost control procedures, and support systems, which are established and employed as standard management and design practice throughout the course of a project.

JEBCO Construction will:


Reinforce an attitude of open communication to allow all ideas to surface for consideration.


Spend time "working" with individuals in various positions (i.e. architect, staff, maintenance personnel), learning and understanding their facility-related concerns and problems.


Participate in design meetings with our clients, architects, and stakeholders to explore cost options, value engineering, constructability, schedule, and budgets.


Participate in on-site team workshops to encourage involvement with our clients, architects, and shareholders.


Promote user interactive communication techniques.


Provide strong organization and leadership skills to manage the pre-construction/construction process throughout.


Establish a preliminary budgets and schedules in relation to the determined needs, goals, and expectations.


Identify project component costs at a detailed level so that they can be constantly monitored in relation to the quantities and qualities while your architect is developing the design, and thus permit all members of the project organization to remain current about the impact of individual design decisions on the overall project cost. Continual updating of the project cost estimate is vital to enable decisions to be made regarding project scope, materials and configuration while keeping the project within budget objectives.

Specifically, the Project Team will:


Conduct a preliminary budget analysis to determine the early constraints and opportunities for design.


Update the estimated project cost during and at the completion of concept and preliminary design phases, and with the issuance of final contract documents.


Perform value engineering studies at key points during the design process.


Participate with other members of the project organization in assessing the problems and opportunities identified by the cost updating process and in developing strategies for balancing the three principal budget components of cost, time, and quality.

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