Ocean Blue Car Wash Set To Wash Away the Car Wash Blues from Prescott’s West Side

Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson

New Car Wash Finally Coming to Prescott

Prescott, AZ., July, 2016 – Any of us that live on the west side of Prescott near Iron Springs Road have always had a bit of the car wash blues due to lack of facilities that provide a fast, convenient, quality car wash. Guess what?! Get ready to wash those car wash blues away as we have some great news for all you west-enders. Jebco Construction Companies is currently building the Ocean Blue Car Wash in Prescott at 1310 Iron Springs Road. Some of you may be familiar with the Ocean Blue Car Wash at 7837 East HWY 69 in Prescott Valley or their location in Cottonwood at 484 S. Main Street.

Established in 2004, Ocean Blue Car Wash is a state of the art car wash and auto appearance center in Arizona and their express locations offer a 3 minute Express Exterior car wash with free vacuums and compressed air.

Advantages of Ocean Blue Car Wash

  • You might be using up to 40 gallons of fresh water to wash your car at home.
  • Ocean Blue Car Wash saves water with a state of the art filtration system which recycles 90% of the water used on each and every wash.
  • Washing your car at home can spread harmful chemicals into rivers, lakes and streams through storm drains that are actually designed only for rainwater. Alarmingly, this damages aquatic life and our ecosystem.
  • Ocean Blue’s Eco-Friendly chemicals are all biodegradable and our water never goes down the storm drain.

Ocean Blue Car Wash is scheduled to open in September of 2016 in Prescott, AZ at 1310 Iron Springs Road.

“Our new location in Prescott is approximately 1.25 acres with a 125 ft car wash conveyor with two indoor auto detail bays. We will be featuring the latest state of the art equipment in addition to 25 free shaded vacuum spaces and free compressed air so our customers can put the finishing touches on their vehicles." New and current Ocean Blue Car Wash Members will be able to use their monthly membership tags at all three locations (Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cottonwood).

Jeb and Robert of Jebco Construction Companies are amazing. Their valuable input throughout the construction process has been great. We are very excited to be part of the Prescott community and working with the City Of Prescott on our plans has been a great experience. We are thankful to the City Of Prescott for allowing us to be part of the community,” states Alex Lazar of Ocean Blue Car Wash.

Future Plans Also in The Works

Jebco Construction Companies is also slated to remodel the Ocean Blue Car Wash locations in Prescott Valley and Cottonwood, updating the facilities and improving technology.

About Ocean Blue Car Wash

Three Locations: Prescott Valley, Cottonwood, and Prescott

Ocean Blue Car Wash uses the exclusive Wave Wash process, which incorporates technologically advanced, closed cell materials such as Neoglide and MicroClean. These Micro Fiber soft cloth materials do not hold water, dirt or grit and thereby cannot damage your car’s finish like other older systems. Both Neoglide and MicroClean fabrics are designed to be extremely gentle on today’s soft, clear-coat cars. This, combined with a generous amount of rich, lubricating soaps, completely eliminate concerns about pulling and tugging on your car’s exterior parts. The wash process has been proven to lengthen the life span of the finish of your car, thereby enhancing resale value.

Ocean Blue Car Wash website: https://oceanbluecarwash.com